A Beginner’s Guide to Progressive Web App from Top Website Designing Company in Delhi

The Internet is being accessed widely by people in the world and is mostly accessed on a device called a smartphone. The most recent technology in the website designing era used by many Websites Designing Companies in Delhi is Progressive Web App. It has now become the most important part of a website according to the best website development company in Delhi since it allows a website to be installed as a WebApp on any smartphone. Let’s first talk about what is the Progressive Web App.

Progressive Web App
According to Wikipedia, “Progressive web applications are web applications that load like regular web pages or websites but can offer the user functionality such as working offline, push notifications, and device hardware access traditionally available only to native applications. PWAs combine the flexibility of the web with the experience of a native application”.

Progressive Web App, when defined by the top Web Development Company in Delhi, meant that Progressive Web Apps acts like a bridge between the smartphone web world and native mobile application. They usually have a basic set of components such as an app shell, service workers and the most important, the app manifest. Web designing company in Delhi uses these components in PWA and then designs its functionality to give an experience like the native mobile application does.

Why Progressive Web Apps are trending?
According to the top and reliable Web Designing Company in Delhi, many website development companies are implementing this technology in their designed websites because for the following users:-

PWAs are executed under HTTPS which enable them to make the data handling more secure than the normal smartphone websites which do not have a valid SSL certificate.

Fastest user experience
Believe it or not but according to the top and reliable web designing services in Delhi, Progressive Web Apps have the fastest execution than the native mobile apps.

Ease of access
According to top Website Designing Company in Delhi, there are many benefits of adding the PWA functionality to the website. One of them is the ease of access. If you have tried the Flipkart web version then let me tell you that that Flipkart web version is basically the working PWA. You can do anything with that PWA as you usually do with a normal native mobile application. You can search, filter and pay online using the PWA version as well.

One of the major advantages of having a PWA installed on your smartphone according to the most affordable website development company in Delhi, rather than the native mobile application for the same is the storage space taken by these PWAs. They are comparatively less storage consuming apps and runs as efficient as the native one.

Online – offline
Reputed website development company says, “The best thing about PWA is that they can be run in both online and offline mode”. In fact, they are the great choice for the business owners who want to get an app for the website or service they are providing on any device i.e. ios or android. For online visitors, it works as perfect as it can be and for an offline user, PWA uses offline storage component to handle the functionality.

You must have figured this out already that mobile websites have limited functionality because of the technology it is using. But PWAs are like the native mobile applications. However, they don’t have the ability to directly embed themselves into the system but they can sync with telephony features like push notifications.

Beautiful UI
When a beautiful website gets its PWA version, it becomes more beautiful and super useful. Huge thanks to the app shell support, PWA has a beautiful design and feels, significantly better than a standard website’s user experience.

So this is an introduction to the Progressive Web App technology for the beginners from top Website Designing Company in Delhi. It has covered almost everything that a beginner should know about the PWA technology that why it should be used today in every website and what it can do. Hope this blog can help anyone who are interested to know about what PWA is.


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